Phantom Cloaker Review – Tips And Tricks

Phantom Cloaker Review
If you’re planning to buy Phantom Cloaker, there are some things that you should know before.
In my Opinion, Phantom Cloaker it’s a great traffic generation tool which can boost your search
engine rankings very fast but if you don’t use it well, you can get your sites banned in some weeks.
While many newbies say phantom works for some days, i have domains making big cash in affiliate
sales for months.
What it’s true it’s that there are the sites that you make with phantom cloaker won’t last forever.
Here we’ll try to review how to get the most of Phantom Cloaker, trying to remain more at the search engines.

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1) Don’t use Adsense Ads in your Phantom Cloaker Sites.
You can get your adsense account banned. Use with Affiliate Marketing.
2) Make Your Sites Look Natural.
Build yourself the index page of your sites. Add some text to each index
page of your sites (you can get free to reprint texts), and link some words
to 3 or 4 internal pages that you’ve generated with phantom.
3) Try not to build over 100 pages per site.
Your site could be flagged as a spam site fast.
4) Build as many sites as possible.
This will make you earn more $$$$.
5) You have to know that many of your sites will get banned, but it’s ok.
I usually get a domain banned in 4 or 6 months, but in that period it could give
me from $$$ to $$$ while my cost it’s $8 (reg. fee).
Another thing: The first Search Engine that could ban a cloaked domain it’s Google.
But it’s not the end of the world! I have banned domains that still receive traffic and
sales from Yahoo and MSN!
6) Try Phantom!
You can try phantom cloaker here. It’s not the full version, but you will have an
idea of the tool and what we talk about.